Garden Paving Ideas for Great Floorscapes

In a garden, plant provide the natural or the softscaping part. Plants are the organic part of a garden that makes it a garden. But if you want a more usable or livable garden, you cannot ignore what landscapers call the hardscaping part. This refers to the inorganic component of the garden including pavements. Adding the hardscaping part in your garden provides the necessary human touch to what would otherwise but a beautiful but raw landscape.

Utilizing both softscaping and hardscaping can make it possible for you to achieve a stunning contrast that merits aesthetic recognition. You will have inspiration for excellent garden paving ideas if you keep this in mind.

Paving ideas

In searching for paving ideas, you have to keep in mind that you do not randomly throw in a paved area in a garden. You have to identify what purpose a paved area would serve aside from being pleasing to the eyes. Paved areas in a garden serve as places of utility for people. They can be used for exploring the area of the garden; they can be used gathering areas or they can used to park vehicles or as driveways.

Garden paving ideas

Garden paving ideas can also be used to suggest direction or direction attention to set focal points and can be used to draw attention in the shift in level. In thinking of garden paving ideas, you should consider the following:

  • How does the color, texture and quality of the paving material affect the garden as whole?
  • How safe are the paving materials you plan to use?
  • Does it reflect light? If so, how does it affect the entire presentation? This could be used to your advantage. Be creative.
  • Does it accumulate dust or other unwanted residues?
  • How effective is the paving material in drainage and in the general system of collecting water for the garden?

There many types of materials to choose from that would somehow affect the generation of garden paving ideas as these materials have different qualities that contribute to the desired effect.


Concrete is almost always readily available and is very versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. Price-wise, concrete is in the middle range. Concrete pavings come in many different forms like pre-cast concrete tiles, inter-locking concrete tiles and cast-in-place concrete pavements among many other forms.

Natural stone paving

Stone is what purists would call an authentic pavement material for the garden. It adds to the unique personality of the garden as no two stones are exactly alike and stone characteristics will vary depending on the location it was obtained. Stone prices are on the upper part of the scale but maintenance is very cheap.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles come in a wide array of styles and designs. However, there is no guarantee that a parcular design would be available in the future. Thus, if you choose to use ceramic tiles in the garden paving idea you have come up with, be sure to buy extra pieces for future maintenance or replacement of damaged tiles.

These are just some of the available materials you can consider when brainstorming for garden paving ideas. In addition to those already mentioned, bricks and other loose inorganic materials can be used.

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