Lovely Driveway Designs Using Concrete

When you hear the word concrete you probably automatically think of that gray stuff used in building roads and structures. You might say that concrete is quite useful but not for decorative purposes. But you will be surprised with what can be done with concrete. It is, after all, a versatile material that can be colored and shaped into a wide array of designs to suit your taste. Yes concrete can be used as a decorative material to realize your driveway design.

An elegant looking driveway can add to the appeal and even to the value of your property. There are many advantages to using decorative concrete in building your driveway design. Concrete is a durable material and using it to build or revamp an existing driveway can save you on maintenance cost. It is also very versatile and you can use it with any imaginable driveway design you can come up with.

Using concrete, you can choose from a variety of design options. Stamping is one of the most widely used decorative methods for concrete. This method allows you to mimic the look and feel of bricks, slate, flagstone, tile and if you are quite adventurous, wood. You can combine coloring concrete with stamping to build an attractive driveway that will blend with the existing house. The patterns achieved through this method is so convincing you might not notice the difference between a decorative concrete driveway from one built using pavers.

Another brilliant use of concrete in building driveway designs is the use of exposed aggregates. This adds personality to your driveway as the aggregates available will depend on your location. There are two ways you can incorporate aggregates in you driveway. You can purchase the aggregates from a supplier and seed them on fresh concrete or you can have the concrete mix supplier use colorful aggregates if the option is available. The aggregates are exposed by using sandblasting. Then a seal is used to bring out the beautiful natural colors of the aggregates. You can use exposed aggregates with other decorative concrete methods to achieve wonderful effects.

Decorative concrete can also accommodate a wide array of colors to meet your specific requirement. The technology is now available so that concrete can be colored to almost any shade or color you prefer. Using colors is an effective way to improve the appearance of your driveway.

Staining concrete is another option to build a driveway design. This process uses chemical stains that goes deep into the surface of the concrete creating astonishing effects. Staining can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Engraving is a viable option if you have an existing driveway that you just want to improve. Engraving is a process using specialized equipment to carve patterns on the dried concrete. Used with other decorative techniques like staining, it is easy to come up with a unique driveway design.

Lastly, an existing concrete driveway can be sawed and scored into random patterns to achieve a stunning style. This method is oftentimes used with staining.

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